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If you can’t dazzle us with Brilliance… Baffle us with BS

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The Portland Bureau of Emergency Management, responsible for facilitating a quick and safe response to disasters, has released this video that takes a look at how bikes played a role in New York’s recovery from Super Storm Sandy. Jonathan Maus, of BikePortland.org, describes how “resilient and flexible using bicycles” is. Sure Sam… http://www.portlandonline.com/index.cfm?c=49521&a=423631

Originally posted on My almost Daily Photo of the day:

Northbound Side of a Southbound Squirrel.

I looked up and saw this little guy out of my basement window:)

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Originally posted on My almost Daily Photo of the day:

Lego Statue of Liberty

At the Model Railroad Show in Portland Oregon

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A day out in the country

It was a cloudy blustery day and I had my trusty D5100 out for a ride….ImageI got all my Ducks? in a row:)

Thank you Commisioner Leonard

Thank you Commisioner Leonard

Spray Paint Graffiti Five years after Fireman Randy outlawed Spray paint in the Portland City Limits

OSP seeks witnesses to I-5 roadside fires

A Semi full of baled hay caught fire this week  on I5 in Oregon The driver Survived but his truck and load did not. The cause of the fires remains unknown and will be the subject of further investigation.  The Oregon State Police is asking anyone who might have information relating to the cause or origin of the fires to contact Senior Trooper Corey Simons of the Albany Area Command at (541) 967-2026 ext. 4200.

I have personally observed folks from the homeless population cooking over open fires along the freeway and also smokers throwing lit smokes out the window. I guess they don’t realize the amount of Chemicals,Fuel, Military munitions and such that are transported through Oregon on a daily basis. We all need to be aware of our surroundings .

Bikes get a break at Portland stop sign sting

Pretty big ratio of law breaking bikers to law breaking 4 wheelers. And to think that if Tri-Met mouthpiece is correct about 5% of us are two wheelers….

But The Beat goes on and on. The moral of the story is Sit down shut up and try obeying the rules of the road…


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